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I hope you’re doing great in this fine Thursday, I sure am. I’m currently drinking water to down a turkey sandwich I ate in the time that takes to play half of the song “Drunken Love” so, yeah… I´m great. But I got better news, Bustle.com featured me and other AMAZING ladies in a “Comedians of color top five” sort-o-list and I want to post it here so my mom can see and find a little calmness about my life decisions!


Thank you for reading and see you again soon!!!!

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A thought About The Racial SNL Talk

The talk about a lack of black women on SNL has gotten me thinking about racial issues a lot. From two different perspectives: On one hand I feel happy people are talking about it, it’s always good to gain consciousness and create awareness about certain media issues, specially regarding how certain groups of people are being represented in media.

On the other hand, and please note I’m “guilty” of talking from the POV of someone from a slightly different demographic group, I feel a little sad that the talks are so specific, I consider that talking about diversity could be approached in broader terms: black women BUT also Asian men, Latina women, Middle Eastern boys and Hindu girls.

Now, I know that, in a way, there are more black women to do impressions of, there are so many talented black female performers many of which inspire me on a daily bases, and also there’s a large palette of original characters that can be created by/for black women, that mixed in with the fact that black men often play black women in the show (though it can be funny it also seems dated) and that Kenan mentioned specifically black women factors in for the talk to be about this specific demographic. Also, if you think about it, truly there aren’t very many Asians, Middle Easterns or Latinos in media to do impressions of but… isn’t that is part of the problem? That there are SO few other people of a variety of races in media that we are not even talking about them at all?

I want it to be very clear that I agree there should be talk about black women in SNL, nothing would make me more excited it seems most natural to me that at least one should’ve been on the show already. I just don’t want that the big rising opportunity to talk about race inclusion in a TV comedy staple to be so specific that it leaves the big talk out. I don’t want the opportunity to be about the most terrifying thing a non-white person can hear “THE diversity slot” a big mixed bowl where they throw all the different colored people and pick only one to represent the others.

To help you better visualize this sometimes I go to auditions that are full of Asian women, black women and Hispanic women and we are all there thinking “They need someone of color and they can’t decide which so we’re all just the diversity spot for them.” But we all do the auditions anyway because we want to be in, we want to perform and get paid, we want the part… the diversity spot.

I dream of diverse casts on TV and films, in media in general, I dream of a day in which my Latin side is just a part of who I am, not a box to put me in. I think of someone like Mike Lane and how the show could benefit from having him on the cast. I don’t know how casting works, much less try to guess what’s Lorne Michaels’ process, I mean I respect the man immensely, him and Seinfeld (another notably white show) shaped my comedy mind growing up, but I sadly suspect that if there were three full spots open on the show and, somehow Mike Lane, Sasheer and I were auditioning, we would all still be “competing” for one slot… and that is if there WERE to be a new diverse person on the cast.

Just wanted to put this out there. Maybe it does nothing, maybe it does.

One last thing I want to put in people’s mind, something I always think about and makes me feel hopeful for everyone and the USA is Lucy, when she was told Ricky Ricardo couldn’t play her husband on TV because she wouldn’t be married to him, she stood up for him and said “But I am, I am married to him.” So, I thank all the Lucys out there, because I’ve been really lucky I’ve encountered a lot of them along the ride.

NBC Diversity Scholarship application video


This Summer UCB and NBC launched their third Diversity Showcase Scholarship. I don’t know how many people submitted but I got real lucky and became one of the 6 finalists this year. We got to perform onstage in front of friends, peers, UCB and NBC. It was so much fun!

Here’s the video that I submitted. It’s got some things that you’ll see later in my new character reel so I will have this posted for a few month only, enjoy!

Support The Jane – A movie project I’m part of!

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to ask you for a favor, one that hopefully will benefit us both! The favor is to support this kickstarter campaign to make a short film I’ll be part of and I am very excited about it! The film is called The Jane (as in the world famous The Jane Hotel in NYC). It explores alternate timelines, four different consequences based on four different decisions a person can make regarding cheating or not on their partner. We’ve all been there and I, personally, love alternate universes and guess what? I play a role in all of this (an acting role… no spoilers though) and so can you.

Here’s the link> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/600662740/the-jane

Time is a-running and we are close to the goal!!! In 14 days we’ve collected over 50% and now we have the same amount of time to collect the other 50%!! I think it is possible and will be possible with all of your help! You can even contribute with as low as $1!

Thank you for taking the time and for supporting, you are gonna make great artists very happy!!


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If you have questions about life, love, Venezuela or what is like being me, being an adult or a teen ask away.

I feel like I might not be qualified to SOLVE your life because, in all honesty, there’s no solution or easy answer but maybe my exotic roots and my eclectic upbringing will make some interesting answers!

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